Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tony Was Put To Death

This is Tony from New York.  Was. Someone found him and turned him in as a stray. His nails had not been trimmed for some time, but his ears were certainly cut. Why his muzzle was so sore is unknown, but knowing how tender our own faces are, you can imagine that the injuries were very uncomfortable.  He did well in his temperament testing, wagging his tail, allowing food to be taken away without showing aggression, energetic and responsive.

He almost got out of the pound,  with several hundred dollars collected for his care, over a thousand shares on Facebook, and many people acting on his behalf, but the system grinds on. It killed Tony.
Does this face look like a beast with no feelings, unaware of its surroundings and its future?

You can help stop this. Please support NO KILL efforts in your state, and spay and neuter your pets so they won't make generations of unwanted babies that end up like Tony. 

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