Monday, September 3, 2012


Sex can be fun, but it can get you in trouble, in more ways than one! And it's not always fun. Sometimes it's bitterly disappointing. It's unpredictable. 

I learned of a way to experience intense sensual pleasure and to kindle emotional satisfaction at the same time. And legally, too, without much risk of disease or divorce. Masturbation, you're thinking to yourself? No! Well, yes, but that's not what I want to tell you about. 

In late summer, you go to the store and buy yourself a kiddie pool on sale. When the next hot, humid day invades, you pull out that pool next to a plastic chair, sit down, and turn on the hose full blast, running the water over your feet. You will be delighted by the water massaging your toes, your soles, your ankles, your calves. Not hot, but just right, relaxing you almost instantly. The music of the pouring water fills the air as a cool mist enshrouds you, and you begin to feel your tension being washed clean  away. 

The next thing that happens will be unexpected. You'll start seeing flickers of the past in your mind's eye, your own fat little belly, shiny wet as you stood in such a pool as a toddler, other little kids around you, their curling hair dripping, their pink mouths open. You'll hear laughing and splashing in your mind's ear. Perhaps not present in the memory, one or more caring and watchful adults were undoubtedly nearby to keep you safe while the summer sun sparkled on the water. Nearby birds twittered and fluttered in the many puddles created during exuberant moments of extreme tsunamis. 

As you watch the pulsing water distort your flesh, you feel that the muscles of your feet have softened and relaxed. Your burning ankles were swollen a few minutes ago but now they look different. They definitely feel different, glowing with a sweet kind of ache. 

You can savor this alone or with anyone you choose, including the dog. Shared joy is multiplied joy, but solo joy is delicious joy, too.

A few final comments:
This can be used as foreplay. 
This can be used as a sleeping aid just before going to bed. 
This can possibly kill you because a lightning bolt can strike from a storm miles away. But you'll feel so refreshed, 
you won't even mind. 

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