Thursday, September 27, 2012


Terry Allen's Facebook is filled with photos of Tennessee landscapes, sunsets, butterflies, and literally hundreds of images of his beloved dogs. And, yes, a couple of cats, too. When someone speaks with love, the words carry more weight. 
Please read and think.

It's Saturday night. Most of my life it's been the best of times. I have always lived for Saturday nights!

Now I am a little older, twice the legal drinking age. Not into the party scene, rarely drink at all. Still love me some Saturdays.

I love dogs, I know I am Captain Obvious! I hate this Saturday night. My timeline is covered up with the most dedicated and loyal servants to mankind...rottweilers, pit bulls and german shepherds. This Saturday is going to be memorable for me. It will go down as the Saturday night that I realized just how disappointing my species really is. We cannot possibly ask these breeds to give up any more of themselves than they already have. We can't expect anymore from them. Yet we label 'em and toss 'em away like trash and they serve and serve and serve us. All for a pat on the head and a bowl of disgusting slop. The best deal humankind has ever gotten but we just SHIT all over em! I Try not to cuss on here but its late and I'm sick of it! Dogs that nobody wants, dogs that somebody wants but the govt facilities won't allow em to have! Its always lose/lose and kill some more. Screw that, we are the monsters! There's no way in hell they'd throw us away like we do them by the millions!

Go take a long hard look in the mirror and then decide who the monsters are.

The death toll, the discrimination, the abuse, the nonchalant attitude of "oh, well, it's just a stupid animal" has to stop. You're killing them in the name of apathy. You're killing me and those like minded with disappointment.

To all my furry friends, I hope you have many more Saturday nights. To the gone, I remember you tonight and I'm sorry you gave so much and got so little in return. Just know, we are quick to do it to each other, you're not alone.

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